Mission Statement of Christian Women's Central

The mission of Christian Women’s Central is “to provide vital humanitarian relief, therapeutic
counseling and support services that aid in the sustenance and well-being of Christian women
and their families, while fortifying Christianity in womanhood”.

Philosophy, Creed and Culture of CWC

Christian Women's Central (CWC) is a non-profit, Christian women's sanctuary and support center founded in October 2015. As a resource central for Christian women and
their families, CWC provides
more than thirty (30) services to aid and support Christian living, especially during times of persecution. The organization includes five (5)
different subdivisions: RADi8 Online Store, American Library for Christian Women's Literature, Central Bell Publishing, Hopeful Light TV and Sacredly-In-Sync Radio. Preview
many benefits of joining CWC. The philosophy of CWC embodies Christian: 1) faith; 2) ministry and outreach; 3) fellowship and unity; 4) aid, support and charity; and 5)
growth. Christians are stronger when united in Christ, as it is difficult to withstand spiritual oppression alone or on our own.

Our biblical foundation is Luke 24:10, which describe women (who followed Christ) assaying to aid and care for the body of Jesus Christ after it was removed from the cross
on Calvary. The women, which included Mary Magdalene, Joanna, and the mother of James, endeavored to preserve (i.e., embalm) the bruised, battered, scarred and
wounded body of Jesus Christ for burial. Similarly in John 12:3-8, Mary gently anoints Jesus before His death and burial. Such scriptures convey the utter care and
compassion these women exemplified towards the "body of Jesus Christ".

Our sisters back then prophetically attended to Christ’s persecuted body – or today’s persecuted Church. Those brave and compassionate women seemed unmoved by
the danger and peril surrounding the life and death of Jesus, signifying
"gentle compassion in perilous times". While reserved to the backdrop of the storylines, the women's
determination and dedication to care for the body of Christ were notably outstanding. Today, as women of faith in Jesus Christ, we continue the
legacy of supporting and
caring for our Christian family, even through seasons of persecution. CWC's ministry includes spreading the great news of salvation through Jesus Christ our Lord, along
with providing
services that sustain Christian livelihood, particularly during difficult times. We aim to practice what we preach (the Word of God) every day, in every way.

The creed of Christian Women’s Central encompasses: the mission, philosophies and culture of CWC; the terms and guidelines of CWC; Federal, State, local and foreign
laws, practices and policies; sound doctrine of the Christian faith; the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord, and; the Word of God. Review our
original Statement of Faith. The
culture of CWC is very hands-on, proactive, friendly, goal-oriented, organized, supportive, transparent and collaborative.

Our membership consists of women who are: married, mothers, professionals, single, students, seniors, veterans, retired, disabled, Christians and non-Christians, among
other women of various church organizations, denominations, and walks of life. Women span various ages, nationalities and cultures, religions, marital statuses, disabilities,
occupations, income levels, educational levels, languages and regions worldwide. Christian Women's Central engages a global audience that includes women, men,
children, organizations, corporations, agencies and governments, among others.

CWC loves and welcomes all Christian women for membership. As sisters through the blood of Jesus Christ, we love, encourage and support each other always.
Understanding the responsibility to each sister is vital: “When I am up and my sister is down, my duty is to help my sister. When my sister is up and I am down, my sister’s
duty is to help me. Together with God’s help, we will all get the victory.” God is
always our Fortress through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Important Forward for the CWC Website

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History of CWC

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Organization and Leadership of CWC

Read the organizational structure and meet the leadership of CWC.

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