BENEFITS of Joining Christian Women's Central

Christian Women's Central has so much to offer women today!

Our mission at Christian Women's Central is
“to provide vital humanitarian relief, therapeutic counseling and support services that aid in the sustenance and
well-being of Christian women and their families, while fortifying Christianity in womanhood”.

The Christian Women's Central membership provides more than 30 services that satisfy the needs of many Christian women and their families, while improving and strengthening the
livelihoods of Christian women across the globe. Membership in CWC is both humbling and honorable. As CWC continues in the legacy of our courageous Christian sisters who defiantly
showed compassion for the persecuted body of Jesus Christ, our members continually aim to convey gentle compassion during perilous times of today. CWC consists of selfless and brave
Christian women who work together diligently for the purpose of sustaining our brothers and sisters within the Church Body of Christ. The benefits to members of CWC are truly blessings
from God.

Preview the list of benefits below.
Review our thirty-two (32) services. For further details about joining CWC, email

Women and their families receive necessary aid and support to sustain their well-being and maintain day-to-day Christian living (i.e., food
housing, transportation, etc.).

A welcoming, safe and comfortable sanctuary for women to be candid, respected, encouraged, cared for, restored and loved. God loves us so

Grow in the Christian faith and strengthen your relationship with God through ministry outreach events and activities (i.e., fasting, Bible study,
tract distribution, etc.).

Be encouraged! Enjoy CWC ministry resources that are regularly-updated online (i.e., blogs, the Fortress newsletter, poetry, testimonies,
  comics, polls, discussions, etc.).

Learn essential and advanced life skills for daily sustenance, while accessing multiple resources through the Body of Christ. CWC can help!
Elderly, retired and disabled women receive vital aid and support daily (i.e., transportation, meals, fellowship at events and activities,
  medical reviews, housing, etc.).

Younger women receive guidance, counseling, fellowship and support from women experienced in successful and faithful Christian living.

Receive discounts and coupons for various CWC services. More than 50% of all 32 CWC services are FREE for members!

Develop skills necessary for marriage and family life. Ensure employment and business management opportunities from building your

Mothers take comfort knowing that various childcare options are readily available for children ranging from infants to teenagers.

Join CWC with family and friends. Enjoy spending extra time and fellowship with your loved ones every month. Time is so fragile.

Preparation to handle emergencies and unexpected circumstances is important. The earlier you join CWC, the more prepared you become
  to manage or avert emergencies over time.

College women access Christian women's literature, courses and classes, travel to other regions worldwide, housing, counseling, etc.,
  along with making new friends in the Lord.

Creative women explore media production, quilting cloth and fashion designs, product sales through booth and table rentals or performing
  at CWC events and activities.

Enhance mind, body and spirit with regular health spa and gym fitness activities. Group workouts are so much fun!

Military veterans access counseling, transportation and support groups to share their knowledge and experiences with fellow sisters in

Choose from eight different opportunities to earn income with Christian Women's Central, depending on your skills and interests.
  Employment opportunities are also available.

Member service assignments and volunteering allow women to explore new industries of interest or strengthen skills within a current job
  or occupation.

Connect with CWC 24/7 online at There is so much to keep you occupied (i.e., ministry resources, social media links,
  the CWC Calendar, MyCentral, etc.).

Grow with CWC, get involved locally and abroad, meet new sisters in Christ from around the globe and become a fundamental part of an
  exciting worldwide commission.

A great way to give back to the community. Help other Christian women and their families endure seasons of oppressions, afflictions and

Extraordinary opportunities to spread the great news of Jesus Christ our Lord through ministering and providing services that reflect the
  love of God for humanity.  
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