Giving to CWC

Acts 11:29 indicates that “the disciples, every man according to his ability, determined to send relief unto the brethren”.   

The importance of giving in Christian ministry is clear. Jesus' disciples understood the difficulty of sustaining the Church body of Christ without sacrificing time, effort,
funds and other resources. While all of Jesus' disciples were not wealthy, the disciples gathered their resources and gave to the ministry as best as possible. As we
continue in Jesus' discipleship, we must likewise give time, effort, funds and other resources to support the ministry of Jesus Christ.

Salvation has no measurable cost or value. Jesus paid the ultimate price when He laid down His life for us - His Church body. Christian Women's Central ministers the
great news of salvation through Jesus Christ to all. As with any discipleship, there are sacrifices associated with ministry. Therefore, CWC welcomes donations and
financial support from our partners, sponsors and donors - just like you. Preview our growing list of
partners and sponsors and expanding business network.

CWC's ministry provides more than thirty (30) services to Christian women and their families (including legal and financial counseling, housing, courses and classes,
food pantry, child care, ministry outreach, events and activities, booth or table rentals, financial support, and more) both internally and through local partnerships. The
organization includes five (5) different sub-divisions: Radi8 Online Store, American Library for Christian Women's Literature, Central Bell Publishing, Hopeful Light TV
and Sacredly-In-Sync Radio. Preview
the benefits of membership with CWC. Many of these services are free to members. CWC can help! CWC hopes to reach a
target market of approximately 42,000,000 Christian women in the northeastern US region with millions of non-believers to reach as well. CWC initially provides
services locally within New York State and throughout the US, extending services to nine regional chapters worldwide over time.

Your Support is Needed

As a Christian-based, non-profit organization, a substantial part of CWC's income depends on the donations and contributions of individuals and organizations, just
like you. Your donations, including partnerships and sponsorships, are allocated to: 1) production (ministry services) and; 2) marketing. Revenues, income and sales
from productivity are allocated to remaining fixed costs (i.e., human resources, operational administration, insurance, legal, etc.). CWC must retain these costs to
provide the services associated with our mission and ministry - the ministry of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ and sustaining Christian well-being, especially
during times of persecution.

While contributions may vary in type or size, all contributions are welcomed. Take advantage of the most convenient ways to donate or contribute. Applicable support
at this time, including donations, sponsorships, partnerships and credit lines, can be made online, by phone, by mail or in-person. During our Fall Anniversary
(October) and Spring Semi-Annual (April) fundraisers, CWC strengthens requests for contributions. However, contributions to CWC are year-round. As always,
all financial gifts are received safely and confidentially. Receipts and tax filling reports are always provided by CWC. Contact CWC for additional information and
inquiries. Thank you so much for your donations, contributions and support. God Bless.


    Donations to CWC consist of financial distributions to the organization in the forms of cash, check, money order or electronic transfer. At specific times, CWC
    also seeks donations of clothes, Bibles, food, etc. Financial donations are the most common forms of support and do not require an exchange of funds or
    services. There are four (4) ways to donate funds to Christian Women's Central. Monthly automatic donations to CWC are greatly appreciated.

    1. Donate online. Donors may conveniently submit donations electronically online at or at the CWC Online Store. Applicable
    vendor fees for using these services (i.e., PayPal) may be reduced from donations. Donors do not need personal accounts with these vendors to donate online.

    2. Donate by phone. Call us at (914) 275-7335 to make a donation. CWC staff is available to confidentially accept donations over the phone during normal
    hours of operation.

    3. Donate by mail. Donations may be mailed to CWC. Certified mail or courier services (such as FedEx or UPS) is preferred for security purposes. Make check
    or money order payable to: Christian Women's Central, 67 Roosevelt Avenue, Middletown, NY 10940.

    4. Donate in-person. Donors may drop off donations at regional offices, monthly members meetings or local events/activities. Cash donations that are dropped
    off must be placed within a CWC payment envelope. A receipt is provided to donors for all donations at the time of submittal.

    5. Donate by wire transfer. To wire transfer your donations directly to CWC, email us for wire instructions at We will send them right over!


    Sponsorship permits CWC opportunities for costs-saving. Individuals and organizations may choose to sponsor CWC's regular production costs (i.e., venues,
    food, rentals, tech equipment, printed ministry materials, etc.). While payment by the sponsor may be applied for costs, sponsors generally provide services for
    costs. Sponsorship does not require an exchange of funds or services. To sponsor CWC's regular production costs, please call us directly at (914) 275-7335
    or email us Preview our past or current partners and sponsors.


    Partnership, on the other hand, usually does require an exchange of services (or goods). CWC's highly-esteemed partnerships offers individuals and
    organizations an opportunity to exchange costs or services for our current standard 5-Point Marketing and Advertisement Package or premium Ultra
    Marketing and Advertisement Package. As noted, CWC has a target market or audience or more than 42 million Christian women in the northeastern US
    region alone. Partners aim to reach this market with their products and services as well. Other forms of partnerships may apply. For more information
    regarding CWC's partnerships, please contact us at (914) 275-7335 or email us Preview our past or current partners and sponsors.

    Credit Lines

    While CWC does not prefer debt retention during its inception period, the availability of credit lines is an acceptable form of support at this time. Lines of credit
    provided by partnering vendors are ideal. Vendors and those interested in providing credit lines should contact CWC at (914) 275-7335.

Thank you very much for supporting the Christian Women's Central ministry. There are so many Christian sisters with their families to support, as well as, many souls
to be reached. Our services aim to provide a sanctuary for Christian and non-Christian women to find comfort and solace in Jesus Christ.

Donate today!
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