Joining the Christian Women's Central Membership

Welcome to Christian Women's Central! CWC is a non-profit sanctuary and support center for Christian women and their families seeking sustenance, safety, solace and
support during life’s daily oppressions, afflictions and sorrows. We can help! In a changing world, Christians are increasingly experiencing feelings of loneliness,
discouragement in faith and temptation to sin. Occurrences of Christian stigmatization currently emerging across the globe reiterate that unstable social, economic and
financial times are certain for Christians. However, CWC can help! We offer
32 services of humanitarian relief, therapeutic counseling and support.

Our mission at Christian Women's Central is
“to provide vital humanitarian relief, therapeutic counseling and support services that aid in the sustenance and
well-being of Christian women and their families, while fortifying Christianity in womanhood”.

*** Preview the BENEFITS of joining Christian Women's Central.

We are so glad you have decided to join our growing CWC membership. Joining CWC is simple. You may apply by mail only at this time. Follow these
three (3) easy steps
below to start your membership today!

1. Submit Your Application

  • The Christian Women's Central Membership Application. Download the Christian Women's Central Membership Application for your region. Review the
    application thoroughly before filling it out. Contact your regional chapter office with any questions you may have. Fill out the application completely, indicating N/A
    where not applicable. Include the ID number of any current member who referred you. Don't forget to sign and date the application form. Contact CWC with any
    questions, issues or concerns when filling out the application.

    of all available member services assignments to select from. Since CWC is hands-on and collaborative, all members are required to perform four (4) hours of a
    simple service assignment each month. As your sisters contribute to your services, you contribute to theirs. Assignments are not strenuous and can be
    supplemented. See the full details of member service assignments as indicated within the Terms and Guidelines of your CWC Membership Application. If you would
    like to recommend a type of service assignment, please contact CWC. Indicate your three selected options for service assignments (with schedules) within your
    Membership Application. CWC will select the best service assignment based on the currents needs and requirements of the organization.

  • Annual Membership Fee. The Annual Membership Fee ($99.00) is submitted with the completed application. The non-refundable annual membership fee is very
    inexpensive comparably and paid only once per year upon the member's anniversary date. Member service assignments allows CWC to keep the annual
    membership fee very low. Members may choose to either auto pay or pay manually each new year. Include the check or money order with your CWC Membership
    Application, if mailing. Cash payments cannot be accepted at this time. If you prefer to automatically renew your membership each year, fill out and submit the
    Membership Renewal Auto Pay Form.

  • Copy of Current Picture ID Card. CWC requires a copy of a current picture identification card for record-keeping purposes. Submit a copy of either your driver's
    license, current employee ID card, passport, naturalization certificate, current college ID card, etc., along with your application and membership fee. Identification
    verification ensures safety for all members.

  • Submit All Application Materials. Submit your application and materials by mail only at this time. Mail to: Christian Women's Central, 67 Roosevelt Avenue,
    Middletown, NY 10940. See Contact information for details. You will receive an emailed receipt for your application submission.  

2. Get Processed

  • Application Processing. When CWC have received your complete application materials, your application will be processed. Applications may take up to seven (7)
    business days to fully process. CWC may contact candidates with questions pertaining to their applications, if necessary. Membership will be determined at the end
    of the application process.

  • Application Result. CWC will mail your membership application's response to candidates directly. In the event you have not been accepted into the CWC
    membership at this time for any reason, please consider reapplying in the future. Candidates can reapply after six (6) months of applying (or reapplying).

  • Acceptance into the CWC Membership. Upon acceptance into the CWC membership, a CWC representative (usually your Regional Chapter Manager) will
    contact you to pick up your Welcome Package. You must attend in-person to pick up your Welcome Package and sign off on its receipt. During the appointment to
    pick up your Welcome Package, you will be required to take a photo for your CWC picture identification card. Note that the ID card validates your membership within
    the CWC membership and must be worn to all meetings, events, etc. Lost ID cards can be replaced within three (3) business days.  


  • New CWC Members. Once you have received your Welcome Package, you are officially a new member of Christian Women's Central. Schedule to pick up your ID
    card from your regional chapter office at least three (3) business days later. With your new ID card ready for use, you may then enjoy all benefits of the CWC

  • Now Get Paid to Refer New Members. CWC pays members for referring new members to the membership. As a member of CWC, you can now be paid by CWC

Do you have more questions? We're here to help! For additional information pertaining to membership with Christian Women's Central, email
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