Terms and Guidelines (03/12/2016)

The mission of Christian Women’s Central is “to provide vital humanitarian relief, therapeutic counseling and support services that aid in the sustenance and well-
being of Christian women and their families, while fortifying Christianity in womanhood”.
As a non-profit Christian women's sanctuary and support center, there are
more than thirty (30) services provided by Christian Women's Central (CWC). CWC is the first resource central for Christian women in crisis and their families. In accordance
with the CWC mission statement, there are three categories of ministry services for members: (1) Humanitarian Relief; (2) Therapeutic Counseling, and; (3) Support Services.
See the complete Terms and Guidelines of all services and operations below.

  • Christian Women’s Central (CWC). The Creed of Christian Women’s Central encompasses: the mission, philosophies and culture of CWC; the terms and guidelines
    of CWC; Federal, State, other municipal and foreign laws, practices and policies; sound doctrine of the Christian faith; the teachings of Jesus Christ our Lord, and; the
    Word of God. As a Christian women’s sanctuary and support center, the mission of Christian Women’s Central is “to provide vital humanitarian relief, therapeutic
    counseling and support services that aid in the sustenance and well-being of Christian women and their families, while fortifying Christianity in womanhood”. The culture
    of CWC is very hands-on, proactive, friendly, goal-oriented, supportive, transparent and collaborative, requiring all members to contribute while partaking in the
    organization’s beneficial services. Members are encouraged to seek out necessary support and assistance from sisters/members during membership. CWC is available
    online at www.cwcsisters.org. CWC respects the religious views of all persons in the USA and other countries.

  • Membership & Code of Conduct. Membership with CWC is voluntary and available to adult females 18 years of age or older. Members must apply for membership
    by mail or at local regional chapter offices. Membership is active for one year from the date of application acceptance and must be renewed annually for continued
    membership. All members retain one or more direct reports. Members generally report to Regional Chapter Managers (RCMs). However, a member may report to other
    CWC staff in accordance with the member’s service assignment. Members should seek the instruction, guidance and leadership of RCMs before any other direct report.
    Members should email RCMs, other direct report(s) or the Member Relations Manager with questions, comments, issues, complaints, etc. Members are required to seek
    internal mediation within CWC first, before seeking outside legal counsel or court proceedings regarding any issue or complaint. Members may be subject to
    photography (or picture taking) for the purposes of marketing, advertisements, press or publicity, including website content, marketing materials, operational materials,
    employee materials, etc. Any member (non-Board) can be selected by Regional Chapter Managers for monthly award certificates and other rewards for outstanding
    service or participation within CWC, which are presented at monthly member meetings. Pictures of awardees or members are posted within various CWC materials for at
    least one month. Non-employee members are responsible for all arrangements of commuting, transportation, deliveries, shipping and hospitality when traveling for or
    making deliveries to CWC events, activities, services, meetings, vendors, staff, other members or regional offices. Travel or delivery expenditures may or may not be
    reimbursed to members at any time, for any reason. CWC is not responsible for deliveries to or from members that are lost, damaged or stolen in transit. Code of
    Conduct. As a Christian organization, members must act in accordance with the CWC Creed. Members are expected to be respectful, kind, loving and supportive to
    each other. Offenses of hostility, violence, profanity, vandalism, theft, dishonesty, incompliance, negligence, discrimination, defamation, or any other form of offense by
    members, employees or guests are prohibited at CWC regional chapter offices, services, events, activities, and on the CWC website. Mediation is available to CWC
    members experiencing conflict, issues or concerns.

  • Application Process. Membership applications are available online and at regional chapter offices. Membership applications, other CWC forms and documents,
    communications and correspondences, or CWC website content, may or may not be available in multiple languages at any time, for any reason. The full membership
    application process requires: the submission of a CWC Membership Application; the non-refundable annual membership fee, and; a copy of a current valid picture ID
    card. Complete applications are submitted by mail or in person at regional chapter offices. Members should retain a copy of their membership application for their
    records. The duration of the application process is seven (7) business days. Applicants that are rejected may reapply after six months. The new member will be
    informed of the availability of her Welcome Package, including her CWC Identification Card, for pickup, which can be picked up at the regional chapter office or at
    upcoming monthly meetings. CWC ID cards are valid for one year from the member’s application acceptance date and then expire thereafter. ID cards must be renewed
    and activated each year upon the member’s anniversary date.

  • Annual Membership Fee and Renewal Fees. The annual membership fee ($99.00) is due upon submitting the membership application and also due upon
    subsequent renewals of membership each year. Fees are perpetually non-refundable. Additional fees throughout membership may apply. Review the list of services for
    applicable fees during membership. Review the Payments section below for various methods of satisfying payments to CWC. There is a 5-day grace period after a
    member’s anniversary date for renewing membership fees each year. During this grace period there is a late fee added to the annual renewal membership fee. Failure
    to renew membership, even after applicable grace periods, will result in membership termination.

  • Monthly Member Service Assignments. All members are required to perform 4-hour service assignments each month during membership. Employee members are
    not required to complete monthly member service assignments. Members can perform a minimum of 1-hour per week during the month to satisfy assignments. Members
    will select on their membership applications up to three choices for preferred monthly service assignments. Posted service assignments may or may not include
    scheduled hours. Final assignments are determined by CWC based on availability and internal needs at the time of the member’s registration or throughout
    membership. Assignments may be determined on an “On-Call” basis. Certain monthly member service assignments require the use of uniforms, which members are
    responsible to purchase and wear for assignments. Members may request from RCMs a change in monthly member service assignments. Alternatively to member
    monthly service requirements, members may: 1) pay the monthly service assignment fee, or; 2) complete five member referrals per month. If members are unable to
    complete monthly service assignments, alternative options should be applied. Review the CWC Service List for updated monthly service assignment fee amounts.
    Failure to perform or complete monthly service assignments (or alternatives options) may result in termination of membership. Members must contact RCMs or the
    Member Relations Manager for additional questions, issues or concerns pertaining to their monthly member service assignments.  

  • Monthly Member Meetings. Monthly member meetings are scheduled for only the first Thursday of each month, unless stated otherwise. Meeting locations may vary
    and members are required to verify locations before attendance. The details for monthly member meetings will be posted on the website calendar or correspondences
    for meetings will be sent via email to all members from CWC or each RCM. Attendance to monthly member meetings is mandatory for all members. Members can attend
    meetings in-person or by using various forms of technologies. Please consult with your Regional Chapter Manager to set-up tech access for monthly member meetings
    by video, live stream or via other forms of technology. Failure to attend monthly membership meetings may result in termination of membership. CWC ID cards must be
    worn to all monthly member meetings.  

  • Cancellation and Termination. Membership with Christian Women’s Central is fully At Will. At any time, for any reason, with or without notice, CWC can terminate the
    membership of any member. Likewise, at any time, for any reason, with or without notice, a member can cancel (or terminate) her membership with CWC. Failure to
    comply with any Term or Guideline stated herein may immediately terminate CWC membership. Terminated members must reapply for new membership if applicable,
    satisfying the complete application process and annual membership fee when reapplying.

  • Services, Events, Activities, Products and Resources. CWC provides a variety of ministry services, including events, activities, products and resources, to
    members. All services provided are based on availability, feasibility, demand and capacity. Services, events, activities, products, or resources may or may not be
    available at any time, for any reason, in any region. An updated list of services per region is indicated on the CWC website. CWC ID cards must be worn to all meetings,
    services, events and activities. The availability of all services for new members only may or may not be subject to delay periods. Please review the service list for
    possible delay periods for services or contact the Member Relations Manager. The details for services are subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without
    notice. It is recommended that members verify with their RCMs or the Member Relations Manager the details of any service, before considering that service. Various
    events and activities may or may not require payment from members or guests. All members, their families and all guests/participants assume all associated risks for
    participation and attendance in CWC services, events, activities, etc. CWC is not responsible for any losses, damages, harm, fatalities, etc. resulting from the
    participation or attendance of any CWC service, event, activity, product or resource. Withdrawal from the food pantry is limited to 15 lbs. of items in one trip per month
    per member and shopping bags may or may not be provided to members. Food, security/protection, transportation, decorations, or any other feature or attraction may
    or may not be available at events, activities or other services at any time, for any reason. Seniors and disabled members receive priority for transportation services,
    which must be arranged at least 5 business days in advance. Members may or may not be reimbursed for cancelled CWC events or activities due to rain, snow, safety
    concerns, or for any other reason by CWC. Rescheduled events, activities or services will be posted on the Calendar online or emailed to members. Failure to return
    library selections may result in termination of membership, while late fees may apply. Members must abide by all rules and regulations of other members providing peer
    housing, storage or carpooling services through CWC. Members are not recommended to hold events or activities in their homes or on their personal properties in
    order to minimize and eliminate the possibility of guest liability claims, damages, crimes, or other risks and losses. Members must comply with registered educational
    courses that require assessments or testing for completion. Certifications for completed courses are provided for most, not all, educational courses. Members must
    submit all associated applications, documentation, information and payments required by the partners, sponsors and vendors of CWC upon requests for services.
    Incomplete document submissions to CWC or its partners, sponsors and vendors will be rejected. Members must submit completed applications for funding requests
    and private loans, where credit reports, criminal reports, employment evaluations, and other assessments and required documentation may be used to determine
    financial need and credibility. Sub-groups and support groups may or may not be required to indicate a growth in attendance for continuous operations.

  • Guests. The immediate family members (i.e. spouses, children and parents) of members may or may not need to pay to attend or participate in certain services, events
    or activities. Members should consult with their RCMs or the Member Relations Manager to verify the attendance or participation of family members, including any
    applicable payments or separate terms that may apply. Various events and activities may or may not be free or discounted to any guest at any time, for any reason.
    Children (ages 0-17 years of age) must always be accompanied by adults at every event, activity or service. Pets are not permitted at any regional office, event, activity
    or service of CWC, unless otherwise stated.

  • Website, Login Access and Communications. The CWC website, www.cwcsisters.org, is a tool for all its users (i.e. members, employees, guests, investors,
    partners, sponsors, venders, suppliers, government agencies, etc.). Certain website accesses are available to select CWC users only. CWC is not responsible for: any
    loss of information from emails or website content; delays in online services or purchases; website service interruptions; inoperable website functions or website
    dysfunction for maintenance or enhancements; non-updated, incorrect or missing website content; user posts or comments; etc. Any offensive, false or misleading
    content posted to the CWC website should be reported by members and will inevitably be removed from the CWC website. Users assume all risks (i.e. possible losses,
    security breaches, damages, harm, fatalities, etc.) associated with website use. All website content, including advertisements, comments, blogs, pictures, images, video,
    press, emails, downloads, etc. must reflect the creed of Christian Women’s Central. Website content that is not in alignment with CWC’s creed will be removed.  
    Members are responsible for reviewing all communications, documents and correspondences upon receipt from CWC, whether by mail, text message or email. Members
    will receive a free email account strictly for sending and receiving correspondences pertaining to their membership within CWC. Termination of membership equally and
    immediately terminates all login accesses by terminated members. Information, including emails, in terminated accounts is immediately removed, lost or inaccessible to
    terminated members. Certain images on the website (and other marketing materials) are representative and used solely for marketing endeavors. Website content may
    or may not be available in multiple languages at any time, for any reason.

  • Payments. Payments to CWC may be made by cash, credit card or check by phone, on the CWC website, by mail or in-person at regional chapter offices, as
    applicable and available. All payments to CWC receive formal payment receipts in accordance with ethical accounting practices of CWC. Certain services, events,
    activities, etc. may require separate payments from guest attendants and participants. All prices are subject to change at any time, for any reason, with or without
    notice. Failure to satisfy all payments due on account within 30 days may result in termination of membership.

  • Confidentiality and Information Privacy. Information provided to and from CWC, including member and non-member transactions, is of a confidential nature.
    Member information is not sold to or accessed by any outside, non-governmental parties. Produced content on the CWC website is fully protected and copyrighted by
    Christian Women’s Central. The Christian Women’s Central logo requires company permission for use.  

  • Changes to Terms and Guidelines. The Terms and Guidelines stated herein are available in several formats or locations: (1) on all CWC Member Application forms;
    (2) on the CWC website, and; (3) at all regional chapter offices. All terms of Christian Women’s Central’s Terms and Guidelines as stated herein are subject to updates,
    changes, additions or removals at any time, for any reason, with or without notice. Disagreement or failure to comply with any current, changed, updated or new term
    during membership must result in cancellation or termination of membership. It is recommended that members regularly verify terms, processes, details, etc. of terms
    prior to considering membership or any service with CWC.  

  • Contact. Members must contact their RCMs, other direct reports or the Member Relations Manager with any questions, concerns, or issues regarding membership
    within Christian Women's Central. Members can reach CWC by: [email] info@cwcsisters.org, [phone] (914) 275-7335 or [mailing address] 67 Roosevelt Avenue,
    Middletown, NY 10940, USA.
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