Sermons, Exhortations and Bible Study

Sermons, exhortations, illustrations, presentations and Bible study aim to strengthen and edify the Body of Christ. In accordance with the Christian Women's Central
original Statement of Faith, CWC believes the Word of God is objective and alone a perfectly-infallible guide for faithful Christian living. God is perfect. While the King
James Version is predominantly used within sermons, exhortations and Bible study, similar versions of the scriptures are suitable. Bible studies are conducted as courses
and classes, where participants may submit comments, questions and content for posting or review. Preview the
Calendar for Bible study classes online. Sermons and
exhortations include essays and blogs, news reports, imagery, video, research articles, etc. Download as many copies as needed for the purpose of spreading the great
news of Jesus Christ our Lord. Stay tuned for updates.

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blogs, research studies and book publications.   

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