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Christian Women's Central Founded - October 2015
NEUS Regional Chapter Headquarters Established - October 2015
Referral Earnings Program (REP) Launched - December 2015
Website Launched - March 2016
CWC Online Store Launched - March 2016
New Sponsors and Partners - April 2016
Sacredly-In-Sync [SIS] Music Station Launched - June 2016
Hopeful Light TV [HLTV] Launched - August 2016
CWC accomplishes a first full year of operations - October 2016
CWC completes a first full tax fiscal - December 2016
Central Bell Publishing Launched - February 2017
Hopeful Light TV [HLTV] updated to Hopeful Light TV [HPTV] - February 2017
CWC Online Store updated to RADi8 Online Store - March 2017
CWC commences development of the American Library for Christian Women's
Literature - March 2017
CWC establishes five (5) subdivisions to facilitate ministry services - March 2017
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