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Cost/Price: $30.00 per Advertisement

Description: Career and Business Support. Any organization or individual may advertise through Christian Women's Central. CWC
targets the market of more than 42,000,000 Christian women in the northeastern US region. The northeastern US [NEUS] region
consists of 26 States, from Maine to North Dakota to Kansas to Virginia. Our growing membership consists of women who are:
married, mothers, professionals, single, students, seniors, veterans, retired, disabled, Christians and non-Christians, among other
women of various church organizations, denominations, and walks of life. Women span various ages, nationalities and cultures,
religions, marital statuses, disabilities, occupations, income levels, educational levels, languages and regions worldwide. CWC
engages a global audience that includes, women, men, children, individuals and organizations, Christians and non-Christians, among
others. While reaching Christian women in local regions, advertisers may also access our overall audience along with our entire
business network of members, employees, partners, sponsors, donors, financiers, vendors, governments and other affiliates
worldwide. Advertising with Christian Women’s Central is a great way to spread the word!

Preview current client and CWC advertisements.

Members (or non-members) can advertise their personal products, services, businesses, resources, activities and events on the
CWC Website (i.e. Calendar, press or homepage), Fortress Newsletter, Little Footprints Newsletter, social media sites, video/audio
channel or blog and article publications for a duration of one month. Advertisements must be submitted in correct format (i.e., .pdf,
.jpeg, .png, or .bmp) at least 2 weeks in advance. Contractual service. As Available.

Availability Delay Period: Immediate; No Delay

Payment Information: Payment is made online only at the time of submittal.

Contact Information: Contact the NEUS Regional Chapter office for additional information or email
To post your advertisement on our CWC website, social media sites, video/audio channel, blog and article publications, email
distribution or within the Fortress Newsletter, call us at (914) 275-7335.
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