Courses & Classes

Cost/Price: FREE & Various Costs

Description: Developmental Support. Various courses and class sessions (educational, vocational, skill and trade) are provided by
member professors, professionals, researchers, tutors, etc. Courses are online or face-to-face. Topics include: women's studies,
theology, diversity, technology, economics, foreign policy, home repairs, cooking, quilting, sewing, farming, emergency
preparations, sport and fitness, auto repairs, foreign languages, sign language, etc. See the applicable syllabus or outline for
further details pertaining to each course or class. Partnerships may apply.

Availability Delay Period: Immediate; No Delay

Payment Information: Applicable payments are made online only.

Contact Information: Review a listing of upcoming local face-to-face or online courses and classes, including their costs, location
and other details, as posted on the CWC
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