American Library for Christian Women's Literature

Cost/Price: FREE

Description: Developmental Support. Members borrow/check-out a range of Christian (adult and children) books, Bibles, song
books, periodicals, movie CDs, music CDs, etc., for a period of one (1) week. Physical library available in the Northeastern US
Regional Chapter only. There is a daily fee ($1.00 per day) for late-return of or unreturned library selections, which is satisfied at the
physical library only.

ENTER the American Library for Christian Women's Literature

Availability Delay Period: 3 Months (after application date)

Payment Information: Not Applicable

Contact Information: Visit the physical library located at the NEUS Regional Chapter office.

Donations of books, movie DVDs, music CDs, magazines, literature and resource materials, etc. for the library are collected from
anyone throughout the year. Donations can be: 1) dropped off at any CWC event or activity; 2) dropped off at any parked CWC
vehicle; 3) delivered or mailed to regional chapter offices, or; 4) dropped off to regional chapter offices. Preview the CWC
for upcoming local events and activities to make donations.
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