Media Production Management

Cost/Price: Various fees

Description: Career and Business Support. Through multiple partnerships, CWC will participate in managing various forms
of Christian productions by members. Production entails audio, video, design, print, press, procurement, packaging and
distribution. Production services provided consists of book publishing and distribution, music production and distribution,
film/video production and distribution, advertisement graphic design and magazine publication. Contractual service.
Communication and distribution channels for media production include Hopeful Light TV, Sacredly-in-Sync Radio, Central
Bell Publishing, RADi8 Online Store, the American Library for Christian Women's Literature, Fortress Newsletter, Little
Footprints Newsletter, CWC website, CWC blog feeds and social media sites, partners/sponsors and
multiple other channels.

Availability Delay Period: 1 Year (after application date)

Payment Information: Payment is deducted by CWC from production proceeds. Certain productions require initial fees.

Contact Information: Contact the NEUS Regional Chapter office for more information.
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